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Residential & Department SERVICE-orders

For all ELECTRICAL WORK, and ELECTRICIAN guidance for Households & Nation Departments.

**Departments under the Nation must have signature from MAINTENANCE 



2 Year security light agreement

For those wanting to add from an option of 3 different types of security lights for their residents'. 

New construction packet

For new houses, that require a new electrical line, and all new electrical-set. Please provide a copy of the land assignment, verification of physical address, and/or other legal supporting documents.

customer application

For moving into a Rental Unit within the boundaries of the Jicarilla Apache Nation. Please provide a copy of the rental agreement and any legal supporting documents (if needed).

new company application/connects

For all new companies, please fill out and submit an application.

2019 Jicarilla Energy 

Center Cluster 

Generator Interconnection 

customer application

Status of JANPA Generator Interconnection Requests & Studies

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